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Established in 2018 and located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the management of the Platinum Noble Club has set up an international management team, including a General Manager, Deputy General Manager, and Directors of Finance, and Sales and Marketing, all of whom are overseas Chinese.

Their mission is to enable Malaysian businessmen and the wealthy to connect with the rest of the world in order to share resources and promote a quality and tasteful lifestyle. As such, the three standards of “Quality”, “Business” and “Nobility” were created in order to enable members to better enjoy their lives, participate in high-end networking events, and thus create an extraordinary significant lifestyle. The intention of the club is to create a platform for a group of like-minded people with similar hobbies, lifestyles and spiritual pursuits to gather together and share their ideas. These are the factors that make up the characteristics of this exclusive club and become the glue that binds the members together



To promote the taste of high quality lifestyle from the believe of three core principles of "quality", "business", and “nobility”.
These three principles seamlessly enabling Platinum Noble Club members to life enjoyment whilst emitting quality communication and
create an extraordinary significance experience.



After all, a "club" is not the same as "consumer goods", and whereas it is impossible to fully meet the demands of all "consumers", the way that the club operates will indeed be different. Therefore, when it comes to distinguishing features, the Platinum Noble Club is based on the very important idea of using the latest technology via an App, to create a network of high net-worth contacts from all over the world, who can participate in worldwide activities or events. Adhering too closely to local culture and customs will erode its inherent characteristics, as the Platinum Noble Club extends its reach to the entire world, allowing all members to choose their preferred activities and realise the three purposes of "Quality", "Business" and "Nobility"!

People are often intrigued about top class luxury private clubs. In actual fact, they not only give access to opulent consumer venues, but are also an avenue for members to realise their own high-quality, superior lifestyles. They accurately target the types of leisure activities and exclusive networking events that high-end clients are accustomed to, based on the principle of "large investments brings great income". The Platinum Noble Club is not only limited to Malaysia but aims to create a quality lifestyle for you all over the world.

Think of all the places where celebrities and socialites hang out; in addition to offering them lavish and chic entertainment, the Platinum Noble Club also creates a powerful high-level networking platform for them. No one can estimate just how many far-reaching business activities have been set up in casual conversations held in these places.

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